The RUMBLE-LUMP Collective

The RUMBLE-LUMP Collective

A wonderful group of artists using the comics language and other communicative methods to explore, create, and interpret things that may, or may not, arouse interest in the casual viewer. Below is the list of individuals that are currently part of the RUMBLE-LUMP Collective.

Annie Canto:

Annie Canto tells the stories of her immediate experience. She works in short form to depict moments in the everyday, paying close attention to surprise encounters with the seemingly ordinary. She explores the intricacies of social interactions and the power of community through text, comics, performance, and food. She is currently working on a Master's of Fine Arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, focusing on the disruption of still spaces with community platforms and events. She lives in Vancouver, B.C. with a cat and a dog, cooks for her friends, and goes to dance parties. 

Instagram : @anniecanto

Emily Thomsen:

Emily Thomsen is a curator of soft experiences
She makes movement, fiber art, and new out of the old whether it comes to scrap fabric or old feelings
She creates to process feelings, creation is her therapy
It is her dream to fascilutate movement therapy classes, weaving tutorials, and foster a space for magical brainstorming to take place.
Instagram : @soft_energy
Ethan Kimberling:
Ethan Kimberling is a graphic designer and illustrator currently residing in Portland, Oregon. In his spare time he can be found doodling, wandering through the trees, or cooking some pretty dang good soup. Check out his doodles on Instagram @ethan_kimberling

Jay Olinger:

Jay Olinger is an instructor of Comics Studies at Portland Community College. She graduated with Distinction from the University of Dundee with a Master of Design in Comics and Graphic Novels, fully funded by the University’s International Excellence Scholarship, and her graduate dissertation was awarded the 2017 Duncan of Jordanstone Comics Prize. Now residing in Portland, Jay researches Golden Age superheroines, creates short comics, and advocates for comics studies within higher education. She is also the assistant director for Miss Anthology Comics, a non-profit organization that provides educational programming and publication opportunities female and LGBTQIA2S+ youth. Follow Jay on Instagram @jay.olinger or @missanthologycomics

Molly Marineau:

Molly Marineau illustrates a series called Tiny'Nauts about the human condition on earth and in outer space. She resides in Vancouver, BC and interacts with the community there by creating recycled paper sculpture from words she finds on notes around the streets. Molly has been known to experiment with embroidery and she finds making art out of mundane, found objects to be satisfying.

Instagram: @mjmarineau    website:

Emily Lewis is a comic creator and graphic designer in Portland, OR. Her
books include, Beetle Song (2016), Nebulous 1&2 (2017), My Sister (2018),
and Monsters & Other Magical Beings (2019). Emily co-founded a comic-
based community program and anthology called, Miss Anthology. She spends
her free time reading alt comics, eating tacos, drawing at comic creator nights,
watching copious amounts of horror movies, and hanging out with her two
dogs, cat, and husband. Find more work on Instagram @emilylewisdraws, or
on her website

Rose Williamson:

Rose Williamson is a graduate student in the Experimental Psychology program at Ohio University with a focus in Social Decision Making. She creates art primarily as a way to foster and strengthen connections with others. Her work consists largely of graphite and ink drawings, acrylic paintings, and occasionally watercolor. It is her hope that the work she does in art and in life will make people feel a little less alone in the world. insta: @rosemw_art.psych

Jesse Clyde:

Jesse Clyde enhances, re-lives and examines feelings from past, present, and future moments in a space that is hard to see sometimes. These things are a guide to understanding the moments he is collecting and organizing. His books reflect that which he sees and doesn’t. A journey through a type of inside world. Sometimes he needs help understanding. Jesse is accompanied on his journey by Emily and Calvin, they live in the city of Portland, Oregon. Jesse, Emily, and Calvin also run, “the RUMBLE-LUMP” club. A club where you get a zine mailed to you every month. You can follow him and the RUMBLE-LUMP Club on Instagram:  @jesseclied @therumblelumpclub