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A RUMBLE-LUMP Subscription

A RUMBLE-LUMP Subscription
Do you love the feeling of getting a piece of mail from a cool friend? Then you will love the RUMBLE-LUMP! The RUMBLE-LUMP will provide you with Comics, Fortunes, Horoscopes and MORE every month. A steady stream of weird and interesting content created by the artists Jesse Clyde and Em Strudes. Sign up today to receive a nifty lil' Membership card and a RUMBLE-LUMP Club Sticker. This is a publication for all ages! All the money from this goes to fund our personal art projects and print and mail this lovely zine EVERY month. Join the club that is sweeping the nation! We have members in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Ohio, Montana and even in Canada! Get your state added to the list and help us continue to do what we love, making art!

Want to get a little bit more every month? Sign up four our DELUXE and get an extra book by Jesse Clyde every month!